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  • We provide various IT solutions that suits your business
  • We provide cost-efficient IT infrastructure solutions
  • We provides a broad range of trusted security and surveillance technology solutions

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Welcome to ICAM

I CAM s.a.r.l was founded in 2010 as a main provider of state-of-the-art technologies that offer advanced solutions to clients looking for the best IT consultancy and surveillance systems in the region. Day after day, I CAM s.a.r.l. proved to be one of the top companies in CCTV Surveillance Systems, expanding its array of operations to include comprehensive IT consultancy, design, implementation, and configuration services for various businesses ranging from banks, corporations, hospitals, hotels, health clubs, restaurants and nightclubs. With its strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality services and extensive experience, I CAM s.a.r.l established itself as a reference in its field...

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Our Services

We provide all kind of business, finance & consulting services.

Software Development

I CAM s.a.r.l. develops strong and customized software as per the specific demands of clients. Our expertise covers website and web hosting solutions. We can create, design and develop your website from scratch...
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UPS Systems

I CAM provides 1kva to 100kva UPS systems that allow clients to operate their commercial and residential businesses while managing power and saving energy. I CAM offers the latest solutions in autonomous and uninterruptible...
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Sound System Integration

I CAM s.a.r.l. offers a comprehensive range of professional sound solutions for homes or businesses. We handle small and large projects tailored to the requests of the clients. Our professional Audio Systems (visible and invisible acoustics)...
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TV and AV Systems

I CAM s.a.r.l. offers a full range of high quality and digital TV and AV equipment and services including the design, installation and testing of sound and video systems. We provide the latest integrated digital TV and AV solutions...
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Servers and Workstations

I CAM s.a.r.l. is the ideal partner of any business that wants to optimize its server resources and availability, while saving money and increasing its productivity. Indeed, we offer virtualization features by designing, building and testing...
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POS Systems

I CAM s.a.r.l helps you improve your sales and efficiently manage your operations, while ensuring an excellent experience to your customers thanks to its advanced and reliable point-of-sale and point-of-service (POS) systems and relevant peripherals...
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Security Systems

I CAM s.a.r.l. provides a broad range of trusted security and surveillance technology solutions tailored to the needs of its clients, using cutting-edge video and wireless digital equipment with advanced applications...
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Home Automation

I CAM .a.r.l. integrates several systems to provide you with a personalized home automation system that will turn your home into a safe, convenient and comfortable haven. I CAM s,a.r.l. provides its clients with devices and appliances...
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Telecom Solutions

I CAM s.a.r.l. designs, executes and maintains your IP Telephony network, covering a series of services, including voice and video calls. I CAM provides you with VoIP telephony that combines analog, hybrid or IP solutions...
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IT Infrastructure

I CAM s.a.r.l. builds a strong IT network infrastructure with the installation of a well-planned and designed cabling system between peripherals and Network cabinets. We provide cost-efficient IT infrastructure solutions ...
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